1-kids @ traditional water sources in Kenya & Uganda (looks like chocolate milk) 2-Carl Daikeler & Father Kizito deciding to do something about this death sentence. 3-by installing rainwater harvesting & filtration systems on 12 schools in Kenya & Uganda. 4-end result of their decision will be thousands of students having their own source of safe drinking water right at school.

The current Kenya/Uganda Project is a joint effort between Beachbody and RainCatcher.

Our goal is ‘Water for Everyone’ our method: Sharing . . . In places like Africa and Haiti we share solutions with people who suffer from the effects of unsafe drinking water and under-nutrition (from lack of food). In America people have access to safe water, but are obviously suffering from the effects of under-nutrition (while over eating): consuming more calories than they burn.

RainCatcher shares common sense water solutions in developing countries around the world.

Beachbody shares health & lifestyle solutions in America and developed countries around the world. Can read more about this collaboration at  http://carldaikeler.blogspot.com/search/label/Raincatcher.