Dennis Haysbert and RainCatcher – Public Service Announcement

Dennis Haysbert, RainCatcher ambassador and clean water enthusiast, narrates this public service announcement on clean water featuring an original song written for RainCatcher by St. Matia Mulumba Kalonga Primary School, Mubende District Mityana Parish, Uganda. The school of 985 students received a rainwater harvesting system in spring 2011 thanks to the RainCatcher-Beachbody partnership. They hosted the RainCatcher team for an incredible ceremony to show their gratitude.

This was an original song written in honor of RainCatcher by their music teacher, chorale leader Nsubuga David.

The school already reports a notable reduction in illness and absenteeism and the headmistress – who lives on the school property – and other teachers say it makes a huge difference to have water readily available to give the pupils.

Lyrics of the chorus:

Our dear visitors you are welcome.
to St. Matia Mulmba
We appreciate the good services
given us from Kiyinda-Mityana.
(Our dear visitors)
We thank you for having thought of Kiyinda-Mityana
and having our school selected
for USA RainCatcher support

Happy Birthday Fred Mango

Since 2007, Fred Mango has been helping bring clean water to the people of Kenya as a RainCatcher partner. He is literally “the man” on the ground.

Whether sourcing materials, identifying suitable projects, or navigating red tape, Fred’s devotion and skill makes the difference in whether a rainwater-harvesting system gets installed now, later or never. His commitment to getting a system in place sooner leads to more lives saved.

This year, Fred was absolutely instrumental in getting 11 community locations – a church and 10 schools – equipped with the permanent tank-and-gutter solution donated by Beachbody. Even the local leaders who’d specifically requested Fred and RainCatcher’s help expressed amazement about how efficient and comprehensive the project turned out to be.

What’s so inspiring about Fred is that he’s one of those fabled “local boy done good.” He grew up in the Nyahera area of southwestern Kenya, not far from Kisumu and Lake Victoria. He has moved on to Nairobi, where he  lives with his young family, is the star employee of an established company and is an entrepreneur.

That would be enough for most people, but not for Fred. You see, he is compelled to give back to the struggling community he came from. He travels back to Kisumu frequently to bring opportunity and secure resources for the people of his own village and surrounding villages.

Everywhere you go with Fred there are people greeting him warmly, thanking him, and giving him gifts to demonstrate their gratitude. He is continually referred to as “such a good boy,” by the  aunties, neighbors, and former teachers you run into while in the field.

In addition to partnering with RainCatcher, Fred has formed a youth leadership group to encourage other educated young people in Nyahera and beyond to help the youth of the area. The are initiating grassroots change by being visible examples of what can be achieved by staying in school and by providing practical hands-on training in computers, business, sports and health.

By extension, RainCatcher now has a growing legion of knowledgeable supporters in the area – teachers, business owners, mothers and more. They’re like an army of optimistic agents-for-change in blue RainCatcher shirts.

In a way, through his tireless commitment, Fred is a revolutionary. With his powerful vision and his big heart, Fred is bringing more than just clean water to the people he cares about; he’s bringing a brighter future and hope.

Today we celebrate the birthday of someone who’s more than just “a good boy.” Fred Mango is a great man!

RainCatcher and Embracing the World

Amma Raincatcher Embracing the World

RainCatcher has donated 100 water filters to Embracing the World, the international not-for-profit collective of humanitarian projects of Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi). Discussions are underway between RainCatcher and Embracing the World on potential opportunities for collaboration on the provision of clean drinking water to impoverished communities in India.

Amma Raincatcher Embracing the World

A Look Back at a Partner’s Summer – HELP International

Every new partnership with a passionate, hands-on organization expands the reach of clean water and quickly saves more lives. This summer, RainCatcher met Suzanne and Whitney from HELP International and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Suzanne and Whitney – representing the leadership for HELP International’s Uganda programs – brought portable clean-water systems donated by RainCatcher back to Mbale and wove them seamlessly into the other amazing work their team was already doing. Check out this amazing video they did – RainCatcher is happy to be in it as well.

Through these efforts, RainCatcher and HELP International partnered to bring clean water to Kakoli village and to the slums of the Mbale area. This uplifting and gorgeous video summarizes the accomplishments of their team this year and highlights the beauty of Uganda. It’s no wonder all involved can’t wait to go back!

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