3 Simple & Fun Ways To Get Involved With Us

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to help those who do not have access to clean water?

We hear from people like you almost daily, asking how they can get involved. People want to be a part of RainCatcher. They want to help! Many people believe, to really make a difference, they either need to be able to give large sums of money or fly to Africa to volunteer. That is not the case.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to be involved!”  or “I am driven to make a difference, but I can’t take two weeks off work and travel like that!”?  Well, you’re in luck! Busy people with other responsibilities can literally help save lives.

One of the things we are really proud of is the simplicity of our service programs and how they are managed by people in the communities we serve. So, contrary to what some may think, we’re not sending teams of volunteers to install rainwater-harvesting tanks or distribute portable point-of-use filtration systems. The implementation of RainCatcher solutions is handled by local leaders and managed by local country staff in Uganda and Kenya.

Portable Filtration Unit Demonstration Clean and Dirty

More than 800 children die each day from preventable diseases caused by poor water and a lack of sanitation and hygiene.

You can make a difference! You’ve watched what we do and you realize that through rainwater-harvesting projects and filtration, RainCatcher’s simple, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions provide immediate access to clean water for those in need.

Here are three ways you can help provide clean drinking water.

Donate Your Birthday Online
You’ve probably seen your friends do this on Facebook, or if you’ve had a birthday in the past few months, Facebook has probably offered to host a fundraiser for you. For many of us, our Facebook birthday is the only time we even interact with the majority of our Facebook friends. They are reminded it’s our birthday and they are prompted to wish us well.

Imagine if the same method was used to put a little fundraiser, hosted by you, in front of each of your friends as they go to post their cake and balloon emojis on your wall?  Many will simply ignore that you’ve announced you’d like to raise money for clean water as part of your birthday, but some, who feel the same way you do, will be grateful for the easy, simple, unobtrusive option to just click and donate. Remember helping others feels great!

Sample of a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

You can set up your fundraiser through Facebook in less than five minutes. Facebook will help you set a goal and you can even personalize the message. All you need to do is visit the RainCatcher Facebook page and click “Create” at the fundraiser section near the top of our page.

If you would prefer more customization and a page that can be more easily shared via email, Instagram, and Twitter, you can “Create A Campaign” as a Rain Maker for our Water Is Life! cause on our separate secure platform.

Pushups for Clean Water page

This method provides more space to share your story and allows you to share the link wherever you’d like, even on Facebook.

Host An Event To Raise Money For Clean Water
Did you know RainCatcher’s largest annual fundraiser started because a generous couple who hosted an annual July 4th beach party for friends and family wanted to add some philanthropy to their already fantastic event? This partnership has been a great fit and it’s something you can do, too.

July 4 Fireworks Event set up

You can turn one of your annual events into an opportunity to raise awareness and support for clean water. Do you have a family reunion, summer barbecue, girls’ weekend, annual White Elephant or Yankee Swap, Holiday Cookie Exchange, or big camping trip planned? Those all work great!

Or you can create a new party.  Host a viewing of a much-anticipated movie or television event (Game of Thrones? The Bachelorette finale?) or even go back to your trusty birthday well and invite people to celebrate your special day with you and ask them for a donation of $20 in lieu of gifts.  We know people who have hosted a fundraiser like this by inviting people to meet up at a particular bar for happy hour or a particular restaurant for a massive brunch and asked them to donate at the door.  The sky really is the limit.

If you ever struggle to find ways to get your friends and acquaintances together as often as you like, trust us, creating an event around a cause you love gets people off their couches and out spending time together. Everybody wins!

Pro Tip: Because schedules can be crazy, it can be helpful to set up an online fundraiser, as described above, to support people in participating with a gift toward your cause, even if they can’t make it to the live event.

Push-Ups for Uganda fundraising page

You’ll be amazed at how good your friends will feel being able to be part of something awesome. Make it EASY for them with a personalized link to donate!

Dedicate Your Athletic Event to Raising Awareness & Save Lives
Water projects are a natural complement to athletic events and hydration is a vital part of training. Whether you’re involved in a walkathon, a marathon, or something in between, water is crucial. We created the Team RainCatcher concept as a way for you to help us raise awareness of the need for clean water while doing what you love.

Team RainCatcher at the finish line

If you’re like us, you’ll post more than your share of training-day selfies, or heartbreaking bike malfunctions, or even photos as you pack your gear for that Everest Base Camp trek. We would LOVE to partner with you as you dedicate your event to raising awareness and support for clean water through Team RainCatcher.

If you’d like to dedicate your next race, climb, swim or other trained-for activity to save lives with RainCatcher, please contact us today to learn more.

Team RainCatcher Leadville 2017

RainCatcher, Team Rubicon and Paul Revere Middle School Partner to Provide Clean Water

Nepal 3

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF:  RainCatcher, Team Rubicon and Paul Revere Middle School Partner to Provide Clean Water

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has resulted in 5,200 deaths and more than 10,000 injured. The survivors are in dire need of basic services, especially those in the more remote areas where aid efforts have been hindered. To make matters worse, the monsoon rains have started this week leaving the most vulnerable to sleep in the rain. Aside from the obvious need for shelter, humanitarian groups on the ground state the priorities as water, food, and medical assistance.

The primary mission of RainCatcher is to provide sustainable sources of clean water. This has been the focus of our work in Uganda and Kenya since 2008. However, we also fully recognize that when disasters strike, one of the most imperative needs is for clean water. RainCatcher has been able to provide water filters to assist with numerous disasters including the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


To provide assistance in Nepal, RainCatcher is partnering with Team Rubicon. This non-profit organization, whose recon teams are comprised of military veterans, has deployed a team to Katmandu with additional support teams to follow. We equipped them with an initial donation of 50 of our most advanced water filters, which are based on the technology used in kidney dialysis. Clean water will be critical for recovery efforts and to avoid the spread of water-borne diseases given the already greatly strained medical resources.

Our donation of water filters for this relief effort was funded by a grant from the Community Service Club at Paul Revere Middle School in Pacific Palisades. The club members, all service-minded middle school students, raised the funds and invited non-profit organizations in the local area to apply for a grant. RainCatcher was selected and received a $2500 grant to purchase water filters that would be used for emergencies and disasters around the world.

Nepal sleep

The recovery efforts in Nepal are only just beginning. The death toll continues to rise as aid workers begin to reach remote villages. It will take many months for the crisis to pass, and years for infrastructure to be rebuilt. RainCatcher wants to continue to support these efforts and replenish Team Rubicon’s recon teams with life-saving water filters. Lives depend on it.

Please donate today so we can support the thousands in Nepal that have been injured and displaced. Our board member, Darin Olien, is generously matching donations received by midnight PT on Sunday, May 3, 2015 up to $2500.


Water is Hope. Water is Love. Water is Life.



Can Push Ups Change the World?


It all began with our global ambassador, Tyson Mayr. While traveling through Uganda with RainCatcher in December 2013, Tyson began a personal fundraising campaign and set out to do 10,000 push ups in 10 days. The children in Uganda were happy to support his efforts by performing push ups alongside Tyson, and as an added challenge, by climbing onto his back. Tyson’s “show of strength” paid off! The campaign raised over $5,000 for clean water and planted seeds of inspiration.

While Tyson was in Uganda, Jamie Franzen followed his journey on Facebook during her holiday break from Gannett Peak Elementary School in Lander, Wyoming. As a 3rd grade teacher, she recognized that the children in Uganda were not all that different from her students, except they had a major obstacle to attending school – lack of clean water.

After returning to school in January, Jamie brought Push Ups for Uganda to her class. On a set day they would all join together to do as many push ups as they could in one minute. The class made a video to spread the word and started raising money. Their enthusiasm spread and soon the whole school decided to join the campaign! Gannett Peak Elementary raised over $1,000, and more importantly, showed the students that they can have an impact in the world.

Gannett Peak IV

Connor Higginbotham is a 9 year old student from Gannett Peak Elementary and has become a passionate ambassador for RainCatcher. During a Skype call with school children in Uganda, he learned that before their school got a rainwater harvesting tank from RainCatcher they used to walk two hours each day to collect dirty water and miss class. Connor is supporting the Push Ups for Uganda campaign this year by selling his artwork, bracelets and raffle tickets. When asked about why this issue matters to him, Connor shared, “Every day someone takes water for granted and I think everybody should have access to clean safe water.”

Connor’s mother, Danielle Higginbotham, is grateful for the experiences her son is having by helping others. After Connor received a thank you call and $150 donation from the RainCatcher staff and board, he was overwhelmed by the support. “Connor came home that night and shared about the call and donation he received. He told us his heart was so full he did not know if he could eat dinner,” says Danielle.


Danielle and her husband also expressed their gratitude to RainCatcher, “Sometimes living in a small town makes you think the things you do are small in size, too. So for Connor to see and hear from people so far away, and to know that the things that he does are bigger and can reach across the world is incredible. So my undying gratitude for the impact you have made on my son.”

Yes, push ups can indeed change the world!

About:  Push Ups for Uganda is a nationwide campaign that helps provide clean water to schools in Uganda. All schools, after school programs and clubs are welcome to join the campaign! Push Ups for Uganda runs from March 1 to April 22, 2015. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit www.raincatcher.org

Donor Spotlight: Lisa Donner

LisaHave you ever wondered how doing something you love can benefit someone else? Well, it can, and Lisa Donner is the perfect example. Lisa has been a runner since high school, where she joined the cross-country team. Since joining the team, Lisa has always wanted to challenge herself by taking running to the limit and running a marathon. Last spring, she made the decision to achieve her goal. However, she wanted to use her race as a means of doing something more than just for herself. “I have had a really great year personally and professionally,” Lisa shared, “and I wanted to extend a hand back at life.”

Lisa was introduced to RainCatcher through Tyson Mayr, our global ambassador. During his last visit to Uganda, Lisa donated to Tyson’s fundraiser; he thanked her over the summer by taking her bungee jumping in LA! During the excursion, they talked more about RainCatcher and the impact we are having on people who do not have the gift of clean water.

Lisa did more research on her own and discovered the shocking number of people who go without clean drinking water every day. Lisa reflected on her own water usage and realized that clean drinking water is the very thing she looks forward to the most after a long run. “I would open a bottle of water and it was nothing to me. It’s simply something I never have to worry about because I am fortunate enough to live in a place with a consistent clean water supply,” she explained. It is for this reason that Lisa chose RainCatcher as the recipient for her marathon fundraiser. She gave herself the name “The Dehydrated Runner” and created her fundraising page.

Lisa is determined to continue her fight for clean water. “I don’t want my work with RainCatcher to stop here,” she shared, “I really want to continue on in the future to help this organization because it’s something that I am very passionate about. I don’t know what the future holds, but I have confidence that good things will come.”

Lisa’s goal for her campaign was $700. As of October 22, she has raised a grand total of $1,086. Well done, Lisa, and thank you for your contribution to RainCatcher!

If you are interested in starting your own campaign or supporting other Rally 4 RainCatcher fundraisers, please visit the link below.


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