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RainCatcher is dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using affordable and sustainable solution.

As we enter this exciting new phase of growth within RainCatcher, we seek to continue to provide the systems and the education to current and new parts of the world. With continued financial contributions, we plan to grow our existing presence in Africa and target two new continents that are in need of rain catching, South America and Asia, including India.

Our newly elected board of directors will allow for us to carry out our mission of continued growth and fundraising efforts while our teams in the field get the support they need.

“There is no shortage of water given by nature—only a shortage of water
being received efficiently by us.”

– Founder and Chairman Mark Armfield



RainCatcher’s story is one of the most compelling on Earth: How a small, simple technology can bring safe, clean drinking water to the 1.1 billion people who currently lack it. In the search for safe water sources, people’s lives are compromised. This does not have to happen. There is no shortage of water given by nature—only a shortage of water being received efficiently by us.

RainCatcher’s innovative system uses durable, inexpensive components to harvest an abundant existing natural resource: rainwater. It cleans and filters even the dirtiest water on the spot including existing contaminated water sources where rain is not abundant. There are no wells required, no pumps, no electricity, and no irrigation systems. The beauty of the RainCatcher system is its ease of use.

That simplicity and transparency extends to our fundraising: For every $1 in donations to RainCatcher, one person immediately receives clean water to drink—for the first time in their life. In 2011 we aim to give millions of people the gift of clean drinking water. I firmly believe that, in our lifetimes, we can assure that everyone gets access to clean water. Water is life!

Mark Armfield

Founder and Chairman, RainCatcher

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