From: David Nyabuto Ogachi

Hi Jack,

Thanks a lot for coming. People are already drinking clean and safe water. They want me to take photos as they drink water and send them to you. I am opening a RainCatcher office at the center where I stay. From here with your help I will make the Bosiango project a model project in Africa you will be proud of. The filters are a miracle, wonderful and perfect. I’m naming my truck RAINCATCHER. This region is wide and has a great potential.

I was born in a poor family 42yrs ago. My father died of amoebic typhoid, a water borne disease. Water diseases are a problem in this place. I’m enrolling for Msc. AGRICULTURAL and RURAL DEVELOPMENT, with an interest in rain water. Rain can be a great tool with which we can develop rural communities and improve lives of our people. You are my mentor. You have taught me a lot about rain water. These days I check emails 2x every week. So send me any message directly. You are a wonderful friend. Together we will always catch rain. God bless. Your friend, David.