While in Uganda, we received a report of the measurable and immediate impact observed by a leader in Kakoli Village, one of the places in Mbale our partners with HELP International provided filters to in August.

The news was so simple and terrific, we wanted to share the message directly with you as-is.

Hello Martha,

We’re glad to have you back in Uganda. I hope you had a good visit to Kachumbala.

This has been such a blessed time for us. I wanted to send more gratitude to RainCatcher through you.

Since we received the RainCatcher filter systems last summer, I have have been tracking the results. We’ve found that most of the diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and many others have been reduced by almost 50 percent. These conditions were being caused by drinking and using dirty and contaminated water.

This incredible results is all due to proper use of the filtered water we now have thanks to RainCatcher.

We are so grateful for RainCatcher and I pass my thanks to all of you.

Thank you,
Mugega Sulaiman