Kalonga Primary School in Mityana Parish in Uganda has been a special project for RainCatcher. They have a larger-than-average school population, a devoted teaching staff with a headmistress who lives on-site with her family, and a group of parents who are involved and committed at an inspiring level.

It’s a poor school, private, with no government support. With almost 1,000 students, almost no budget, and buildings that have seen better days, it’s amazing that these determined adults are holding things together.

The rainwater-harvesting tank is a prized addition to the campus. Its mere presence significantly reduces the amount of time the students need to spend collecting water each day. This frees up time for their studies, just as it frees up some of the school’s limited budget by cutting down on the charcoal they need to make surface water the kids gather safe by boiling it.

Having the tank also seems to be fueling enthusiasm for some restoration projects. The community is so grateful for the water, that they’re rallying around the school to improve other areas.

Even as they pray for rain to fill the tank the Sumner M. Redstone Foundation provided, they try to mitigate the impact that same coveted rain sometimes has on their structures. They’ve dug some trenches to redirect some of the rainwater that flows down the hill and damages the foundations of the newer buildings.

To make repairs and get a little money to support the school population, they recently cut down a very large tree on the property to use for lumber and to sell for cash for other supplies they needed for repairs. On our last visit, that tree had been the site of an amazing ceremony of gratitude. Since that visit last summer, the parents and staff have also teamed up to fix some big holes in the walls of some classrooms.

All of this highlights the significant impact one tank can make on a community. More time spent in school. Less money spent on fuel. A reduction in illness. For a group of people trying so hard to get their kids educated and keep this school afloat, the gift of the tank is one that helps them make more strides every day.

When you’re there, you can SEE the difference it makes. When you’re there, you know that RainCatcher is on the right track. When you’re there, you want to show every RainCatcher donor exactly how their money is changing lives.

These parents, the kids and the teachers are a shining example that together we can do more!