RainCatcher loves working with Father Kizito in Uganda and the first 10 schools we’re equipping this year are in the middle of their construction process.

Our plans for rainwater-harvesting installations this year begin with this first group of schools in the Mityana area of Uganda, about two hours by car from Kampala, the capital city.

The process involves having concrete foundations poured, face boards installed on the school, gutters attached to the face boards and then the addition of an 8,000-liter tank to capture and store the run-off from the roof.

In the villages surrounding the schools, churches, hospitals and orphanages RainCatcher equips with this simple system, the events surrounding the construction are quite a draw.

Everyone in the community knows that the laying of the foundation is just the first step in having clean water that’s easy to access and safe to drink. This is huge in the lives of the staff members, children and their parents.

And it’s huge for us! When photos likes this arrive from the field we celebrate along with them!