There are many heroes working behind the scenes for RainCatcher. These heroes work hard every day to provide children clean drinking water. Today we honor Sylvia Bofry, Director of the Kyempapu school district. Without Sylvia our current project in Uganda would not be moving forward and many previous projects would not have occurred.

Inspired to create great change for the children within her district, Sylvia is the key to opening the doors of the schools in Uganda to RainCatcher.

If Sylvia had not partnered with RainCatcher thousands of children would not be drinking clean water today. Many children would have become very sick from the unsafe water they have. Sometimes they would remain sick for months at a time. Some of their little bodies would not be strong enough to battle the diseases that are carried within the contaminated water. Many might not have lived to enjoy the lives they live today. Without the clean water projects that Sylvia has made possible, hundreds if not thousands of children would be unable to attend school at all. Instead they would spend much of their day fetching contaminated water. Water that they know could potentially kill them.

We honor Sylvia today. We honor her commitment, her heart, and her passion. Most of all, we honor her love for her children. Together, we honor the thousands of lives that been saved and changed forever because of Sylvia’s heart.
We are saddened that Sylvia is unable to join the team on this trip. Her daughter was ill with a fever and in a hospital with in Kampala. Sylvia chose to be by her side and we extend our deepest wish that her daughter has a quick recovery.

As this post is being written, our team is traveling through Uganda locating new schools that will need our immediate help. Many children are still needlessly suffering because they cannot get clean water.

These children need your donation today. Only $25 can provide a family clean drinking water for 1 year. It is that simple.

Become a hero. Donate now.

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