After a long two days of travel from the states, and two days on the road in Uganda, team RainCatcher was excited for their first day in the field. Crammed in the back of a car on a bumpy and dusty dirt road, the team experienced their first of several long car rides to visit the remote communities on their list they would provide clean water for. The sides of the road were lined with children on both sides carrying soiled yellow jerry cans on their daily hike for contaminated water. It was easy to tell whose cans were empty and whose were full by the speed and posture of the children carrying them. With the exception of the children, the roads were mostly barren. With no villages in sight it was hard to tell where the children were coming from. One could only imagine the distances the small children must have traveled for the 30+ pounds of water that was unsafe to drink. Despite the laborious task at hand, many of the children still had it in them to wave back at the team as they drove by.

While back in the states, the team often discussed the statistics regarding the 3 mile average walks for water. Despite their previous knowledge and field experience, the sight of the small children, most of them young girls, was still saddening. It proved as an instant reminder for why they commit themselves to the journey in the first place.