After several long hours on the road, the team finally arrived at the first of dozens of destinations. Upon arrival at the Kabandiko Primary School, they were quickly greeted by the teacher of school, Ssebandeko Charles. He came to the car to greet the team before they even had a chance to get out. His ear to ear smile was infectious and seemed to spread as quickly to the team as it did to the curious children standing nearby. After signing his guest book the team wasted no time getting straight to work  on their final assessment of where the rainwater-catchment tank would be located.

The teacher Ssebandeko Charles was very excited to learn how soon they’ll receive their tank from RainCatcher and he shared stories of the many of his students who had perished from the water-borne illnesses that plagued so many. In a short amount of time, the kids would no longer have to make the long walk witnessed as the team drove in to the community. In a short amount of time, kids would no longer miss school or worse due to water-borne disease. In a short amount of time, the entire community would be able to live a healthy and prosperous life… a life beyond the burden and dangers of water collecting.