Here is a dramatic video of a young boy in Kenya. RainCatcher helps thousands of children every year in Kenya get clean water they need to survive. We have always been fond of the “Water is Life” phrase because it is so true, we see it all the time.

“Recently, we had an outbreak of cholera, so we had a lot of fears that if it strikes hard it could claim most of our community members, children included,” says John Overi Samwa, head teacher at Nyamone Primary School, where water from the lake must be used for more than 700 children when the rainwater in the school’s single barrel is used up. The cholera bacterium is transmitted by contaminated water and food.

“Some people die before they get to the hospital,” says Isaac Ogongya, chairman of the area’s community water committee. “Not all people take proper precautions with water. Some people boil it, some don’t boil. They just drink.”

In rural areas like these, there are few sources of clean water – about half of the population uses contaminated water for drinking and cooking. It’s common to see people filling their water cans or plastic bottles out of ditches or potholes in the road.

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