It was a long day. Monsoon like conditions made for unsafe and very difficult travels. But we are RainCatcher’s and catch this rain we will.

The last of the new schools, Standard High School in Masaka, Uganda was ahead. This would be an unfortunate visit because the children were on their winter break, enjoying their families for the holiday in December.

As we arrived we saw the rainwater-harvesting tank that a few people at a 4th of July party in Malibu got together and contributed to so these high school students could stay in school and get clean water, not having to leave school to collect water.


According to Melinda Kramer, Executive Director of Women’s Earth Alliance, “In some parts of Africa, women and children spend eight hours a day collecting water.”

A special thank you goes out to:

Suzanne, Gabby and Max Donovan,
Rand Lennon,
Amy Hendrix,
Simon Kinberg,
and Karene Smith

for donating their dollars to help get clean water to children in Uganda.


In six months, for the projects first check up, we will be able to see the children drinking the water and sharing the love.

Peace to you this holiday season!