RainCatcher just returned from another wonderful journey to Uganda. We reunited with a lot of our friends and colleagues, and met with amazing new people as well, who are focused on helping us get clean water to as many as possible in the region.

Our Uganda Country Direction, Dennis Ssebuggwawo, helped us assess seven new locations in the area, including several schools, a hospital and an orphanage.

This trip, we were lucky enough to have Tyson join us again and help spread some joy to the kids. Tyson also started a personal campaign to help raise money by doing pushups throughout his 10 days in Uganda. His 10,000 pushups in 10 days campaign was a huge hit with the kids.

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Tyson captured a sweet video with some of the kids at a local school and you can watch it right HERE.

We visited Masaka with Crestants to review the eight new schools they completed for the Phase II construction. We knew this would be a slow day with the rain making the terrain muddy and it was the only day we would have with kids because they get out for winter break on December 1, but these 4 locations stayed in school just for us.

On Dec. 6, we started on our way to Mbarara.  On the way we saw people getting dirty water in a pit by the side of the road. We stopped and did a full one-hour filter presentation and gave out filters to some of the families that did not have access to clean water.

Overall, out trip back was productive and positive. We are diligently working on bringing clean water to many more locations throughout the region and are constantly improving upon the current rain-harvesting locations that are already working out there.

With every trip to Uganda, we learn a little more and come back with more motivation and inspiration as ever before. This next year is going to be an exciting one and we hope you’ll join us in making some clean water dreams come true for thousands of children and families.