LisaHave you ever wondered how doing something you love can benefit someone else? Well, it can, and Lisa Donner is the perfect example. Lisa has been a runner since high school, where she joined the cross-country team. Since joining the team, Lisa has always wanted to challenge herself by taking running to the limit and running a marathon. Last spring, she made the decision to achieve her goal. However, she wanted to use her race as a means of doing something more than just for herself. “I have had a really great year personally and professionally,” Lisa shared, “and I wanted to extend a hand back at life.”

Lisa was introduced to RainCatcher through Tyson Mayr, our global ambassador. During his last visit to Uganda, Lisa donated to Tyson’s fundraiser; he thanked her over the summer by taking her bungee jumping in LA! During the excursion, they talked more about RainCatcher and the impact we are having on people who do not have the gift of clean water.

Lisa did more research on her own and discovered the shocking number of people who go without clean drinking water every day. Lisa reflected on her own water usage and realized that clean drinking water is the very thing she looks forward to the most after a long run. “I would open a bottle of water and it was nothing to me. It’s simply something I never have to worry about because I am fortunate enough to live in a place with a consistent clean water supply,” she explained. It is for this reason that Lisa chose RainCatcher as the recipient for her marathon fundraiser. She gave herself the name “The Dehydrated Runner” and created her fundraising page.

Lisa is determined to continue her fight for clean water. “I don’t want my work with RainCatcher to stop here,” she shared, “I really want to continue on in the future to help this organization because it’s something that I am very passionate about. I don’t know what the future holds, but I have confidence that good things will come.”

Lisa’s goal for her campaign was $700. As of October 22, she has raised a grand total of $1,086. Well done, Lisa, and thank you for your contribution to RainCatcher!

If you are interested in starting your own campaign or supporting other Rally 4 RainCatcher fundraisers, please visit the link below.