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NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF:  RainCatcher, Team Rubicon and Paul Revere Middle School Partner to Provide Clean Water

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has resulted in 5,200 deaths and more than 10,000 injured. The survivors are in dire need of basic services, especially those in the more remote areas where aid efforts have been hindered. To make matters worse, the monsoon rains have started this week leaving the most vulnerable to sleep in the rain. Aside from the obvious need for shelter, humanitarian groups on the ground state the priorities as water, food, and medical assistance.

The primary mission of RainCatcher is to provide sustainable sources of clean water. This has been the focus of our work in Uganda and Kenya since 2008. However, we also fully recognize that when disasters strike, one of the most imperative needs is for clean water. RainCatcher has been able to provide water filters to assist with numerous disasters including the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


To provide assistance in Nepal, RainCatcher is partnering with Team Rubicon. This non-profit organization, whose recon teams are comprised of military veterans, has deployed a team to Katmandu with additional support teams to follow. We equipped them with an initial donation of 50 of our most advanced water filters, which are based on the technology used in kidney dialysis. Clean water will be critical for recovery efforts and to avoid the spread of water-borne diseases given the already greatly strained medical resources.

Our donation of water filters for this relief effort was funded by a grant from the Community Service Club at Paul Revere Middle School in Pacific Palisades. The club members, all service-minded middle school students, raised the funds and invited non-profit organizations in the local area to apply for a grant. RainCatcher was selected and received a $2500 grant to purchase water filters that would be used for emergencies and disasters around the world.

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The recovery efforts in Nepal are only just beginning. The death toll continues to rise as aid workers begin to reach remote villages. It will take many months for the crisis to pass, and years for infrastructure to be rebuilt. RainCatcher wants to continue to support these efforts and replenish Team Rubicon’s recon teams with life-saving water filters. Lives depend on it.

Please donate today so we can support the thousands in Nepal that have been injured and displaced. Our board member, Darin Olien, is generously matching donations received by midnight PT on Sunday, May 3, 2015 up to $2500.


Water is Hope. Water is Love. Water is Life.