In Celebration of World Water Day
We want to thank you!

It is the smiling faces of children living throughout the world that guide us in the work that we do here at RainCatcher. Providing clean drinking water to those in need gives them the ability to focus on other important daily tasks and live their lives.

With your help, we have been able to put smiles on the faces of children in East Africa. Schools, families and communities have all benefited because of your contributions. We thank you very much!

Many of us are able to turn our faucets on and run our dishwashers, so it becomes difficult to imagine a life where having clean drinking water is an everyday struggle. As we celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd, we want you to know that you have played a vital role in helping children stay in school and families together because they no longer have to trek long ways to provide the necessary water for their daily lives.

With your help, we can continue to help children spend more time in their classrooms. You can provide the time for children to thrive.

By continuing to open your heart, you give families access to the most basic human need – clean water.

The Global RainCatcher Family


Water is Hope. Water is Love. Water is Life.

Thank you for your support and generosity. People like you make our work possible.