Thank You for the Love

Today we have wonderful news to share with you from Good Samaritan Orphanage, one of our partners in Uganda. Good Samaritan Orphanage is a home for children located near the shores of Lake Victoria. The orphanage is home to 59 girls and 40 boys who range in age from infancy to twelve years old.

In 2013, RainCatcher donated a rainwater harvesting tank to Good Samaritan with the hope of reducing waterborne diseases, improving sanitation and allowing for two extra meals each day for the children living in the home. During a 2018 visit, our staff and volunteers had the opportunity to complete some much-needed maintenance to the rainwater harvesting system and to improve upon the original design.

We were touched by the gratitude shared by the Director and all the children and we want to share their love and gratitude with each of you.

“Thank you RainCatcher for the water tank.  We used to travel long distances to fetch water and now it is at our school.  It will help us to achieve more.
Thank you for the love.”
– Mary, GS Student

We at RainCatcher are very grateful for the wonderful support you have continued to provide for the children of Uganda. Thank you!

The Global RainCatcher Family


Water is Hope. Water is Love. Water is Life.

Thank you for your support and generosity. People like you make our work possible.