RainCatcher attends special event to benefit Japan

Thursday night, April 28, RainCatcher was honored to be a sponsor at an event to benefit Japan. The location was the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood sponsored by the Hispanic Business Network.

Valentina Castellani, Francesco Quinn, Grace Lubwama of World Vision, Mark Armfield and Max Musina

Valentina Castellani, Francesco Quinn, Grace Lubwama of World Vision, Mark Armfield and Max Musina

We were very fortunate to meet people involved with many of the organizations, and a few which RainCatcher could partner with to provide relief efforts throughout the world.

The proceeds went to the charitable alliance World Vision. World Vision is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. They serve close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world.

RainCatcher also met with Marie Esther Gomez of LA-MEX, Alex Fortunati with Support Services of America and with actor Francesco Quinn and his lovely wife Valentina Castellani.

Valentina Castellani, Francesco Quinn, Mark Armfield, Max Musina and David Zielski

Valentina Castellani, Francesco Quinn, Mark Armfield, Max Musina and David Zielski

David Zielski and Maria Esther Gomez of LA-MEX

David Zielski and Maria Esther Gomez of LA-MEX

Max Musina, Linda Zielski, Valentina Castellani and Francesco Quinn

Max Musina, Linda Zielski, Valentina Castellani and Francesco Quinn

Alex Fortunati of Support Services of America and Mark Armfield

Alex Fortunati of Support Services of America and Mark Armfield

Gina Armfield, Mark Armfield, Linda Zielski and David Zielski

Gina Armfield, Mark Armfield, Linda Zielski and David Zielski

Attention Beachbody Coaches – Carl Daikeler and Team BeachBody will donate up to $250,000 to RainCatcher!

RainCatcher and Team BeachbodyCarl Daikeler has offered a generous fundraising program for RainCatcher that is threefold. Team Beachbody will donate money to RainCatcher when the existing coaches sign up to receive free DVD’s, they will also donate money if the coaches set up an appointment to share Shakeology to prospects, getting them the healthiest meal of the day, AND the kids and communities in sub Sahara Africa get clean drinking water for life.


Here’s how it works.

Beachbody will donate $10 to RainCatcher for each & every new registration to SHAKE & SHARE through Sunday night. That means clean drinking water in Africa to those without–get on Shake & Share if you haven’t already! Simply go to Shake & Share in your Team Beachbody online office and sign up NOW!


Also, for ALL appointments and invitations to a Shakeology presentation to your prospects, Beachbody will donate $10. To report your number of confirmed appointments, text “COACH + # (of appointments) to 35863. (ex: “COACH 4” for 4 confirmed appointments) by 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET on Friday, April 22nd.

“Carl Daikeler has continued to amaze me with his tenacity and commitment to bring clean drinking water to those that goes without. His motivations and inspirations are selfless and for the higher good of people who suffer – which allows an open environment for people to help people.” – Mark Armfield

Again, RainCatcher thanks Team Beachbody and Carl Daikeler for this generous donation.

Clean water activities that RainCatcher undertook in the West District of Arua in Uganda, East Africa

On our trip in March 2011 to Kenya and Uganda, one of our on the ground Uganda RainCatcher’s Dennis tells about some of the AMAZING headway we are making to provide clean drinking water to the people who most need it!

Greetings to all of you guys the RainCatcher wonder team. Thank you for the noble work you are doing. I would like you to share with us the experience of the clean water activities that we undertook at Apule Primary School and Logiri Sub-County Community in Zombo District which was curved out of the famous West District of Arua in Uganda, East Africa.

This school has 400 pupils’ boys and girls. They have one block with an iron sheet roof. They have only one water sauce, an open stream which even under the current rains has very little water. This stream has a point at which children cross from one side to another and another point along the way for drawing water WHICH IS NEVER BOILED NOR PURIFIED IN ANYWAY. THEY DRINK STRAIGHT FROM THE SPRING.

Thank you very much RainCatcher for the Clean Water filters you forwarded to this school and community.
God Bless You

RainCatcher Uganda

Apule Primary School is a 5 class school (Primary 1 – Primary 5) under the recently introduced Universal Primary Education (UPE) program by the government. Under this program, the government pays the school fees for the children. It also provides grants to be spent on instructional materials, co-curricular activities like sport, and the management and maintenance of utilities like water and electricity. However, much of this mandate remains on paper and little on the ground. This program has got enrollment figures shoot faster than the facilities.

In front of the Head teachers Office stands a raised metallic can and a jerrican containing water (see picture) probably to wash their (children) hands from the “Toilet”. This is another Sanitation Campaign going on in most schools. Asked about clean safe water for drinking, it was something that had not crossed the teachers and head teacher’s mind in the memorable past. It is true and probably the culture. Drinking straight from the stream.

To the children, they have seen this raised metallic can in front of their head teachers office for a few years now but they had never seen such abundant Clean Safe drinking water like the one NOW STANDING INSIDE EACH CLASSROOM on all classroom block. Thanks to RainCatcher. Water drinking or consumption has tripled.

Those who used to eat a small piece of cassava at lunch can now take in too much water and improve on that meal. Increased water consumption has improved alertness in class, reduced fatigue and the general health as per the most recent call made for follow up.

To the children, it may not be the safety of the water from RainCatcher at fore play, it is the first time in life, most of them have ever seen such clean clear crisp collection of water free of charge as seen from the pictures. (fighting for the clear clean water)

Morbidity. According to the H/T, “We are not experiencing a lot of malaria incidentally. Their only problem has always been diarrhea, cough, constipation, skin problems” and a few others. Thanks to God. I labored to inform him that due to the few and distant water sauces maybe the reason as to why malaria prevalence was low.

However, diarrhea, constipation was a result of using little and unsafe water, which am sure is reduced by now. Within the first week, am told, total re-hydration is clearly visible in all the children of Apule Primary School.

Logiri S_County Community.
This community is found in the new Zombo District recently curved out the former mighty West Nile District of Arua. Here there is an interesting source of water. Small hole is dug in the ground after a careful follow up of some signs.

When one draws water from the hole about 10litres, the other one is supposed to wait or comeback after one hour. Reason, for more water to re-collect and water to settle down since it is always muddy due to freshly dug ground as seen from the pictures.

The amazing RainCatcher water filter has enabled people to ‘JUST COLLECT’ vast amounts, filter from home partly with clothes as demonstrated to them and later on using the filters. Result. There is abundant water in homesteads much more than before. clean drinking water, no waiting for hours.

Women who go for business carry with them jerricans to their work places because some of these places are close to rivers or bigger streams from where they can collect water other than waiting for hours in this area. Others go to dig in far places with jerricans and clothes to be washed in those streams found wherever they dig. They even carry the jerricans, basin and clothes in taxis or any other means of road transport.

With RainCatcher, it is now simple. They carry the jerrican, collect all the water they can. Come home, get clean and abundant water. Women of Logiri S_County are so happy with the RainCatcher Clean Water systems.

RainCatcher and Japan Relief Effort with ESTE for clean drinking water

On Friday, April 1st, 2011, Dennis Haysbert was gracious enough to host a meeting with RainCatcher and Max Musina, advisor member to RainCatcher, who brought in a special international guest Mr. Otaki to see how RainCatcher can help the people of Japan in this very trying time of need.

Mr. Otaki is the owner of Finemode International, one of the largest and most influential advertising and marketing companies in Japan. He is also the founder of the Charity ESTE: Everyone Save The Earth. He works directly with the Japanese Government and Self Defense Army for relief efforts (the only army in the world that has saved more lives than it has killed).

This was a great opportunity to see how RainCatcher and ESTE can collaborate together: in Japan now, and the rest of the world in the future.

We discussed how RainCatcher can provide filters NOW to regions of the country working with the Japanese Government and Self Defense Army. Ten filters were sent over to begin to be tested and deployed in the field.

David Zielski, Darin Olien, Mark Armfield, Dennis Haysbert, Mr. Otaki, Herbert Johnson, Max Musina

Dennis Haysbert, David Zielski, Darin Olien, Tom Evoniuk and CEO of RainCatcher Mark Armfield listened as Mr. Otaki discussed through interpreter Herbert Johnson the tragedy and firsthand accounts from the field. Dennis and Mark let Mr. Otaki know that RainCatcher is there to help and whatever we can do to please let us know.

I am so grateful to meet and participate with Mr. Otaki and his team in Japan. More than ever humanity, service and relief are key. The time is now and we must be there for all the people. We are so blessed to continually be of service for those in need. The human being is so resilient when it has the opportunity to open the heart and lend a hand. – Mark Armfield

Following the meeting, Mr. Otaki sent this email to RainCatcher director Tom Evoniuk who set up the amazing meeting.

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for sharing your precious time with ESTE. I was very delighted to have such a productive meeting with you and your team.

Also, I am very grateful for RainCatcher’s declaration of cooperation. RainCatcher has an extremely amazing concept that we would like to introduce to Japan.

As your organization will provide cooperation in the disaster relief in Japan, we would like to provide as much help as we can for RainCatcher’s activities. Please visit Japan once things are settled. I will sincerely welcome your visit.

Yours truly,

Atsushi Otaki

You can help RainCatcher help Japan by donating now on the right side of this page. We will be continuing to expand our relief efforts in Japan with guidance from Mr. Otaki, the Japanese government and the Self Defense Army. We always welcome your comments below. Also, please feel free to share this article on Facebook or Twitter by using the buttons below or above.