A Gift From Above

People in Uganda near Entebbe haven’t seen rain for more than 2 months. The day the RainCatcher’s landed in Africa there was rain! Just before distributing 400 portable water filter systems to families and schools in remote villages, we met a priest in the area. I told him jokingly Pray for rain father! Let it rain! He said, “done!” Not even 20 seconds later it began to pour.Big rainwater harvesting tanks that RainCatcher already had in place filled up! We visited several schools putting on classes and demonstrations for people to show them how to use the new hi tech filter systems that the manufacturer says will last forever if used properly! There is so much appreciation and joy in these little villages where tourist buses never travel. It feels good to be back in Africa walking the red dirt roads, getting greeted by hundreds of children as if you were a rock star! The progress made here has been remarkable and we also got to see future raincatcher schools, thanks to the generosity and support of Team Beachbody! Today so many smiles sat in the pouring rain watching our demonstrations. They were fully engaged and very appreciative. Their lives have changed significantly. No more walking 5 sometimes 10 miles for dirty nasty water! No more cholera and other bacterial diseases from water! The RainCatchers are here! And we’ve only just begun!  Stay tuned as we will soon show you how big of an impact small filters and big RainCatcher tanks are having on people!

Africa Field Crew: Darin, Jarrod, Jack, Verne

Current Trip to Africa for RainCatcher

Today is an abundant day at RainCatcher with special thanks to Beachbody for sponsoring this trip. We have sent our team to Uganda/Kenya for the installation of rain catcher systems on schools. Along with fresh rain water harvesting systems we are also implementing water filtration systems and educating the children, teachers and communities throughout the region.

It is a very beautiful sight to see the smiles in these wonderful people who see hope, health and the transformation that goes from lack of water to abundance using our rain water harvesting systems and filtration solutions. The resources are there – we show up and bring the message.

RainCatcher is so fortunate to have such a great team of people and such a great people to serve.

Water is Abundant – Water is Life.

Gratefully, Mark Armfield RainCatcher CEO

Next Trip Kenya Uganda March 2011 for RainCatcher

The next phase of our African trip will take place in mid March. The target is to provide 125,000 people with clean drinking water. This trip is proudly sponsored by Beach Body.

Darin Olien and Jarrod Holbrook discussing the upcoming trip being planned by RainCatcher to Kenya and Uganda in March 2011. They are planning to install 10 rain catching and harvesting systems on schools over there and hand out 1,000 portable systems.

The next phase of our African trip will take place in mid March. The target is to provide 125,000 people with clean drinking water.

To accomplish this, RainCatcher will do the following:

  • Install 5 RainCatcher systems (gutters/downspouts/tanks) in schools in Uganda
  • Install 5 RainCatcher systems (gutters/downspouts/tanks) in schools in Kenya
  • Implement and setup 1,000 Portable rain catching systems with Sawyer filters and buckets

Today is a historical day

RainCatcher Board of Directors

RainCatcher Board of Directors

Today is a Historical Day. RainCatcher has received support and abundance over and beyond my wildest expectations. Global figures from all over the planet have connected with us and have offered support, media, fund-raising and incredible heart. It seems that the momentum in the last week has been building faster than it has in the last 7 years. People are saying “Where can I help, how can I give – It’s such a quick response and end to suffering!”

People are getting RainCatcher! Easy and simple – fast – and clean water for those who go with out!

More than 1.6 million people die every year from contaminated water – 90% of them are under the age of 5. Well I say – not for long – we’ve put the awareness out there and people are stepping up in droves and rolling up their sleeves!

Blessings, peace and water for all!

Mark Armfield