Wine for Water

Did you know that one third of the 5.6 Billion people in developing countries don’t have access to clean water? That’s nearly three times the population of the United States who lack one of life’s most basic needs.

The problem is known as the world water crisis and it claims 6,000 lives each day. Ninety percent of those deaths, are children younger than five years old. Despite the enormity of the world water crisis,’s innovative solutions may also make it one of the most solvable of all humanitarian efforts.

By combining modern technology with proven ancient techniques, is able to protect and provide hope for the most vulnerable citizens of high-risk communities. The children.

Focused on creating a chance at life and education for the children, donations to directly fund the installation of sustainable clean water solutions at children’s schools in Africa.

Having provided water for over 21 schools and 600,000 people to date, donations made from your wine purchase today will directly fund the development of clean water systems at 26 children’s schools in 2013.

Here’s how you can help:

ONEHOPE is proud to offer the “Shop & Give” drop-down on every product offered in the ONEHOPE Wine store.  10% from every product purchased at is donated to a charity of your choice from the drop-down. Select RainCatcher! 

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RainCatcher reaches Bwaise slum in Kampala, Uganda

RainCatcher in Partnership with Reach the Un-Reached provided a water filter to help over 300 households in the area access clean drinking water.

Bwaise is one of the big slums in the outskirts of Kampala City. Bwaise is bordered by Kawempe to the north, Kyebando to the east, Mulago to the southeast, Makerere to the south and Kasubi to the southwest. This location is approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi), by road, north of Kampala’s central business district.[1] The coordinates of Bwaise are:00 21 00N, 32 33 40E (Latitude:0.3500; Longitude:32.5610).

Due to human encroachment on the wetlands that used to drain through the neighborhood, Bwaise is today prone to flooding and is not well connected to National water. 79% of the people suffer from water borne related diseases.

By providing a water filter, these 300 people can now dink clean safe water.

This filter will filter out any harmful bacteria that is in their water source.

Now they can enjoy clean water.

The whole community has access to clean water now.

Celebration at St. Mbuga Lugazi Primary School

On the second day in the field during RainCatcher’s October trip to Africa, we visited four recently installed RainCatcher tanks that were donated by the Foundation for I AM. This primary school in the Mityana District of Uganda has 400 students that formerly had been walking several miles to retrieve water from a dirty, stagnant water source. Prior to the tanks being installed, the school staff had to boil the contaminated water to make it safer for the pupils.

In 2011, RainCatcher visited and donated portable clean-water systems with filters and returned twice over the following year to get to know the teachers and the students as they waited for their tank. This visit was one marked by dancing, laughing and an atmosphere of celebration. They have the tank! It’s like adding productive hours to each school day.

1 of 4 RainCatcher tanks donated by the Foundation for I AM

Celebration at St. Mbuga Lugazi Primary School

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What does clean water to 10,000+ look like at the beginning?

We are finalizing the details and packing our bags as RainCatcher head back to Uganda for a very important trip. This trip is so important as we meet with our Uganda and Kenya on the ground field team to go over our new site assessment forms and meet with several Rotary clubs to discuss plans for clean water systems in the future.

The most important piece of luggage will be the 100 clean water filters we are bringing over courtesy of the “Foundation for I AM” and the generosity of Tom Shadyac. These filters will provide 10,000 people clean water. The Foundation for I AM also provided the funds needed to complete 8 rainwater harvesting systems in Mityana and will be providing a sustainable source of clean drinking water to this region.

On the trip, we will be visiting Masaka, Mityana, Jinja and Mbale. We will be evaluating new rainwater harvesting proposed locations as well as visiting remote villages and slums to deliver clean water filters that will keep the people healthy, especially the kids.