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Mark Armfield, CEO of Armfield Design and Construction and RainCatcher, has been involved with sustainable and green building since the 1980’s. Mark’s current projects include water management, bluff preservation, rainwater harvesting and catchment designs around the Malibu, California area.

Mark served three terms as president of the Malibu Association of Contractors and on behalf of this association he received the prestigious Malibu Dolphin award for outstanding achievement and goodwill for the community. As president, he and the Association built 18 charity projects, from new school parks and theaters to new classrooms. Mark is also the recipient of the Certificate of Congressional Recognition for outstanding and invaluable service to the community from the United States Congress, as well as numerous awards and recognition from the state of California.

Mark has also served as Director of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Government Affairs at the City of Malibu, a Member of the Malibu City Business Round table and a Member of the City of Malibu Sustainable Building Committee.

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