Pushups for Uganda

How to Get Started!

We are excited to have your school join us in helping kids just like them to achieve good health, attend school and have hope for a brighter future!


RainCatcher implements affordable and sustainable methods for providing clean water for everyone. Our innovative system uses durable, sustainable and affordable components to harvest an existing natural resource: rainwater. We help to collect and filter even the dirtiest water on the spot, including existing contaminated water sources. There are no wells, no pumps, no electricity, and no irrigation systems. Your donations easily and quickly translate to lives being saved by simple access to clean water.

How Did Push Ups for Uganda Start?

Push Ups for Uganda began in 2013 when RainCatcher.org’s global ambassador, Tyson Mayr, decided to encourage donors by doing 10,000 pushups in 10 days during a trip to Uganda. A school teacher from Wyoming was inspired and modified the original event for her students. She also organized writing centers and had her students create paragraph-based letters to the children in Uganda that they were helping – all encompassing the Common Core State Standards for Writing. Push Ups for Uganda is now an annual event that recruits schools to support clean water initiatives for schools and students in Uganda.


Five Easy Steps to Supporting Push Ups for Uganda

Step One: Choose a day for your students to do Push Ups for Uganda

Step Two: Create an online campaign page for your school at https://raincatcher.kindful.com/push-ups-for-uganda-2015

Step Three: Show the Push Ups for Uganda promo video http://goo.gl/n3V6zu which you can use on your online campaign page. We’ve also included some event flyers and a press release you can customize.

Step Four: On the day of your event, post a video of your students doing their push ups on You Tube and send RainCatcher the link. We’ll share your video so everyone can see your students in action!

Step Five: Be sure to recognize everyone’s efforts and contributions – they are all kindness heroes!

We’ll also be sending RainCatcher silicone bracelets for students who help raise money for the campaign!

Links to Helpful Documents

Donation Ask Letter

Donation Form

Uganda Flyers