Our Generous Corporate Partners

These companies could have aligned with any cause but they chose RainCatcher and we are grateful every day for their dedication. These are not just companies; they are individuals who are committed to creating a better world through the products that they sell and by championing solutions to the world water crisis.


FUNBOY is a California based luxury purveyor of original summer essentials. Founded in 2015 by a family of creative rebels, FUNBOY launched with an exclusive collection of fancy floats for adults who refuse to grow-up. FUNBOY believes water is foundational, a necessity, crucial to our daily lives and yet as a resource, often overlooked. We are honored to partner with FUNBOY in helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need.

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove and the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe believe that clean water for both drinking and recreation is a right. We support RainCatcher in their efforts to bring clean drinking water to everyone.


Beachbody has been an active supporter of RainCatcher since 2010. Their commitment to health and fitness extends further than the 15 million people who have participated in some of their 30 different programs. Taking fitness to a new level with P90X, Insanity and Shakeology is what the world knows of Beachbody. What they do not know is that Beachbody is deeply committed to creating positive change in the developing world by donating to RainCatcher.

Scarborough & Tweed

Scarborough & Tweed is a leading provider of distinctive corporate gifts, logo merchandise, and custom promotional products. They are dedicated to product innovation, customer service and corporate philanthropy. Scarborough & Tweed’s core values of integrity, creativity and quality fuel a corporate culture that embodies excellence and fosters social responsibility. Every drinkware purchase from their custom catalog and online company stores supports RainCatcher. We are very grateful to Scarborough & Tweed for their continuous support.

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